Tips on How To Pair Up Your Leggings for a Stylish Look

by heatha

Pulling off a trendy look in tights is usually a challenge considering they need a lot of attention to detail. However, new trends are emerging, and new ideas can help achieve a better look. Leggings are suitable for different seasons, and they keep you warm during the cold season. When you buy short leggings, it is important to understand the pairing possibilities that will have you looking elegant. There are a few tips to guide you on the best way to pair your tights with the rest of the outfits. The following are some tips:

1. Choose the right top for your short leggings

The top you wear should be appropriate for the corresponding short tights you decide to put on for the day. Select the right color that complements the tights while making your style unique. When you decide to go with black tights, a white t-shirt is ideal because it gives you a simple casual appearance. However, you can spice it up by adding a denim jacket for extra clothing when the weather is cool. The trick is to ensure that your tights have a different but complementing color to your top.

2. Match your top and shoes

Tights are stylish when you deliberately choose top outfits and footwear. One idea that works well is to ensure that your shoes match the top while the short tights are different. For a simple yet elegant easy look, you can have black tights and white sneakers to go with your white top.

3. Wear shorts on top of the leggings

Shorts will complement your short tights when you pay attention to a few aspects of the look. First, make sure that your short fits well instead of being too tight or baggy. The shorts should give you a more comfortable experience with your outfit instead of creating self-doubt. Secondly, make sure that there is a contrast between your shorts and the leggings instead of matching them. If your short is plain, wear leggings with pattern designs that make them stand out. However, a stylish short should have a solid pair of tights under it. Lastly, the shorts should be of the right length by being below the panty line and above the knees.

4. Wear with a sweater and scarf for a cozy experience

Wearing your leggings with a warm sweater and a plain color scarf gives you a unique look for the winter season. The look will be complete if you get the right boots to add to the already elegant look. Knee-high boots are good for such an outfit because they suit the cold weather and complement the appearance. However, you can also choose flat footwear instead of boots if you want to go for a stroll. Flat sandals and flip-flops give you a casual look that is attractive al the same.


The good thing about short tights is that they are good with many outfits. However, the important thing is to pay attention to small details such as the color and style difference for the outfit. Tights look good with almost all the footwear options you can select as long as you match such footwear with the top.

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