Factors That Influence The Number Of Human Hair Bundles Needed For A Closure

by heatha
human hair bundles

Bundles with closures are types of weaves sewn onto your natural hair with a closure covering the installation point. The installation of bundles is more challenging than a wig, and a hairstylist is recommended to do the job. Bundles are a more permanent style due to the sewing. However, it’s a perfect style if you want something more permanent and still looks like natural hair. Most people don’t know the number of bundles to purchase when switching up styles. So we look at factors that influence the number of human hair bundles for your closure.

What determines the number of human hair bundles for your closure?

Bundle numbers differ from person to person due to reasons such as;

1.      Type of human hair bundle weft

Human hair bundles are categorized based on their weft. The weft type can be single or double, but the single weft is the most common. Most hair suppliers focus on the single since it’s lighter than the double and has fewer strands. However, the double weft is also great as it adds volume to your hair. The more the volume, the fewer bundles you need, which is true for the double weft. The weft you select is dependant on your but remember, the bundles will vary.

2.      The human hair bundle length

Some people prefer longer bundles with their closure, while others like them short. Long hair means more volume; hence you require more bundles to achieve the look. Hair length charts are available online on the seller’s website or on any hair webpage. Going through them helps you understand how the bundle number changes based on the length. A 24-inch weave will need more bundles than a 16-inch weave. Start by deciding the length of hair you want, then choose the bundles.

3.      The texture of your natural hair

Your hair texture directly affects the human hair bundles you need. It’s always advisable to buy bundles that match your hair texture, but you can choose differently. The more character the hair has, the fewer bundles you need. Wavy or curly hair requires fewer bundles compared to straight hair. This means that you can achieve a fuller look or body faster with curly hair than straight hair.

4.      Your preferred hairstyle

One advantage of human hair is the versatility that comes with it. You can achieve different looks by switching up styles. Simple styles use fewer human hair bundles than complex styles. Also, styles that need volume to achieve need several bundles more than the less voluminous. So for your closure, determine the style or look you want and use it as a guide for your bundles.

5.      Head size

Since body forms vary, the head sizes also differ. Some heads are larger or smaller than others, meaning the number of hair bundles is different. A bigger-sized head will use up 2 or 3 bundles more than the standard size and vice versa.


The above tips will help you get the correct number of bundles for your closure. Additionally, you can seek professional help. A hairstylist can guide you on the bundle amount before doing the installation. Before buying any hair bundles, consider the bundle weft and length, hair texture, style, and head size.

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