Huawei’s Best Smartphones with New Beginnings | The Ultimate Google-free Adventure

Huawei’s Best Smartphones with New Beginnings | The Ultimate Google-free Adventure

The new p smart 2021 cena  is a fantastic addition to the already great catalog of the brand's list. It has come to the market amid the TSMC sanction, which does not allow you to access Google on any Huawei phone. Don't worry. This device is feature-packed to compensate and prove Huawei's resilience.

Huawei, as a brand, is notable for its prowess in combining new technology in its products. Its rich history in the phone manufacturing industry has made Huawei a hub for smartphone lovers. The wide range of attractive options to choose from tells it all.

Huawei P Smart 2021 Cena |Your Best Buy Phone

Get the right phone which beautifies your world, boosts your ego, and captures every adventure in high-quality frames.  A remarkable long battery life, vibrant skin, high-quality camera, and irresistible sleek design make this product a perfect match. Dig right into it ahead:

Power on!!

A phone's life begins with the battery. The treasure of P Smart 2021 is hidden in its 5000mAh long-lasting battery.  This can keep you powered for up to 2 days, and it only takes an hour and a half to charge fully.

Thanks to not having the unwanted google apps and promos that prompt you every time. Being google free comes with its share of benefits,

Smart and Beautiful

Open the exquisite packaging and get a stylish gold color device that gives you a royal feeling.

The appealing back panel hosting four camera lenses amplifies the beauty of its design.  It is sleek with a striking and irresistible glossy look.

Giant Display

The giant 6.67" IPS LCD offers a huge view on the screen. What's more, a screen-to-bod ratio of 84.3% combined with a 1080 x 2400p resolution is a marvel. All this comes shielded under a Gorilla Glass 5 screen protector. No dust or particles underneath your screen.

Capture the Smart Moment

P Smart 2021 has a 48MP primary shooter, which can optimize to 8MP to deliver detailed photos.  The front camera is 8MP. As such, it outperforms its peers.

Despite not having 4k and picture stabilization while shooting videos, the 1080p frames at 66ps enable you to capture quality clips.

Improved App Gallery

Having a Google-free phone should not scare you. Huawei has tremendously been improving its App gallery for the past two years. All the non-Google Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Netflix are available.


A phone with 4GB RAM and storage of 128GB is worthy of your bet. However, adding a 710A 14nm chipset which makes it faster in all its operations, is an ultimate attraction. It gives you smooth data traffic.  P Smart 2021 is also designed not to get hotter than 10nm. a

It is Smarter than You Think

This excellent budget-priced smartphone is a product of clever minds. Its building is inspired by the desire to deliver an adventure without Google. This gave it a smoother operation than other phones in the same class and an independent App store.

Where to find it

This amazing phone is found worldwide at all Huawei outlets. You just have to walk into one of the shops and purchase one based on the above features.