How to Recycle Your Empty Perfume Bottles

How to Recycle Your Empty Perfume Bottles

Are you planning to throw away an empty perfume bottle? If yes, then you shouldn’t do that. It’s because you can give this bottle a new life. How? Well, you can recycle it in many different ways. This post will help you recycle or upcycle old perfume bottles. There is no need to put them in your trash at all, especially when you can make the most of them. Let’s get started and learn more.

1. Use it as a vase.

Do you know that an empty perfume bottle can make your room adorable? Well, for this purpose, you need to turn this bottle into a vase. First, wash the bottle and remove all the labels. Now fill it with water and fresh flowers. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to add a personality to your room decor and boost aesthetic appeal without spending a lot.

2. Make a homemade diffuser.

Another fantastic method to recycle an empty perfume bottle is transforming it into a diffuser. In your home, some areas smell bad, and you can change this scenario with a homemade diffuser. It’s pretty simple to create one. All you need is a cotton ball, water, and essential oils. Shake water with 15 drops of essential oils, and add a little ball inside this empty bottle. Now whoever passes through this diffuser can enjoy a wonderful scent. Isn’t it an excellent idea to try right now?

3. Use it as a jewelry holder.

Another idea for repurposing your empty perfume bottle is to use it as a jewelry holder. You always have some necklaces that are tangled all the time. Now it’s time to get rid of this problem by removing the lid and placing the necklace inside. Next time you need this necklace, you don’t need to spend hours untangling your necklace. Grab the bottle and wear your favorite necklace without hassle.

4. Create a scented sachet.

There is no need to purchase a scented sachet from the market because it’s time to transform this bottle into one. This idea will work only when some perfume is left in the bottle. Instead of washing it, you can put dried lavender or similar fragrant herb inside this bottle. Sew its top and hang it inside the closet and your drawers. It will add a specific scent to your clothing and drawer items.

5. Make a DIY room spray.

You can turn this empty bottle into room spray. You can refresh the whole room environment through this spray. Add fragrance oil to your empty bottle; add 10 to 15 drops. Mix this oil with distilled water. Shake it well, and now spray it. Use an excellent essential oil, as it will flare up your room environment in the best manner available.

Wrap Up

Finally, you have five creative ideas for turning an empty bottle into good use. Next time you have a bottle, there is no need to throw it away. Try any of these ideas and make the most of this bottle.