Fun Facts About Peko Pekoyama

Fun Facts About Peko Pekoyama

Every individual has that one person we love, adore, and want to be just like. We often pick these people to be our heroes because of the fine qualities and personalities they possess. For some, it's the bravery they show, and for others, it is their fierceness and determination to do what's right. Ultimately, with these amazing qualities they possess, our heroes do something that sets a public record or something that is forever etched in the walls of history and also in the heart of those they inspire. Whether fictional or non-fictional, these people serve as a symbol and a source of inspiration to help people believe they can do whatsoever they set their minds on.

A worthy example is Peko Pekoyama, the female Japanese talented swordswoman who spent most of her life protecting her master Fuyuhiko and was known easily able to defeat grown men in kendo. She is adored for so many awesome qualities, her calm character and her very interesting clothing style included. There's a lot about this amazing hero, and in this article, we will be talking about fun facts that you do not know about Peko Pekoyama.

History Of Peko Pekoyama

Peko Pekoyama was abandoned by her parents as a baby and was taken in by the Kuzuryu family, also a Yakuza group. She was trained in martial arts by this family. Peko attended the Shiranui high school and later grew to become the bodyguard and hitman of the Kuzuryu eldest child and heir, Fuyuhiko, whom she grew alongside.

Peko and her young master have gotten into so many troubles and have successfully gotten out of it every time, thanks to Peko's sword skills.

Peko was enrolled into Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77th as the Ultimate Swordswoman, and although she wasn’t that close with her classmates, she appeared reliable.

Fun Facts About Peko Pekoyama

  • Peko Has An Interesting Fashion Sense: Even now, Peko Pekoyama's dressing style is still very much loved and adopted by many admirers. She dresses in a school uniform and puts on a red tie or ascot. She wears a short skirt and dark, tight underwear with white loafers. Her long white hair is always made into two braids with a white ribbon tied to each one at the top and a red ribbon at the bottom. She also puts on thin framed rectangular glasses.
  • Peko Is Always On Her Guard: When you are a protector like peko pekoyama, you tend to always be on your guard. Peko, being seen as a lethal weapon herself, always carries her shinai (bamboo sword) around in a dark turquoise wrap with a sliver design at the back. The blade has a katana hidden at the center of the bamboo, which she used when protecting or haunting people.
  • Peko Loves Her Master: Even in what seems to be a master-slave relationship, Peko Pekoyama still feels a lot of affection for her master Fuyuhiko. This is one of the reasons she's more loyal and performs even more fiercely when carrying out the bidding of her master.


Peko Pekoyama is a hero whose life is worth looking into; her calm character and bravery should inspire so many people. We hope this article enables you to see amazing facts about this hero that would help inspire you to draw value from this hero's life.