Best Face Shapes for Cat Glasses

Best Face Shapes for Cat Glasses

When your glasses look good on you, then you will feel better about yourself too. This is why it is so important to find the right pair of glasses for your face. You do not want to end up with a pair of glasses that does not look good on anyone. However, there are many people who have had this problem because they did not know what they were doing when they went shopping for their new glasses.

So, when you go in the store and try on cat eye glasses frame and they look good, that's because they were made specifically for your face. They just knew what would look best with your eye shape, brow shape, nose shape and all that stuff.

And you should definitely get them adjusted by an optician if you can! So, what face shapes match cat glasses?

Most people can wear cat glasses, but there are some face shapes that look particularly great in them. Here's a list of the best face shapes for cat glasses!


Round faces are perfect for wearing cat eye frames because they help add definition to your features. Round faces can be tricky because they're so easy to overdo, but cat eye frames are slim enough to avoid adding too much bulk. They also help draw attention away from any double chins and cheekbones by bringing it up towards the eyes instead.


Square faces are also great for wearing cat eye frames because they help soften sharp angles and make you look more feminine. If you want to wear these types of glasses but don't know what shape suits your face best, this is a good place to start!


Oval faces are the most versatile when it comes to choosing a pair of glasses because they suit almost every shape and size! Ovals have soft lines that make them easy to work with, so any kind of frame will look great on an oval-shaped face. This makes them ideal if you're looking for a more unique pair of glasses than your average pair of round frames or square ones would provide!

Tips for choosing frames

If you however are going to settle for a customized glasses to fit your face, it is best to keep in mind the following:

  • Don't choose too large or too small frames. Cat eye glasses are usually quite large, so if they're too large they will make your face even smaller than it already is.
  • Choose frames that are proportionate with your head size. If you have a larger head then choose larger frames; if your head is smaller then choose smaller frames; otherwise, they'll just look disproportionate on you and make your eyes appear small by comparison (which is obviously not what youwant).


As you can see, all of the best face shapes for cat glasses have wide cheekbones, a narrow chin and an oblong face shape. Square faces don't look as good because the jaw is much wider than the cheekbones making it look like you are smiling. Long and diamond-shaped faces both look good too. Heart-shaped faces tend to be suggested for cat eye glasses but with a small nose bridge just in case it makes your eyes appear smaller. Also, oval faces also look great. Just keep in mind that these are general rules. Nothing is set in stone, however if you choose a wrong shaped cat eye style for your face, it might not flatter you as well as the right one will.

Regardless of the face shape or glasses style you choose, remember that a good pair of glasses is all about making yourself feel good. You should never wear glasses that are uncomfortable. They should always feel at home on your face and never leave you with a headache or pressure on your temples. Find the style that best complements your features, and you will be happy with the results.