A Comprehensive Review of UWELL Caliburn KOKO Prime

A Comprehensive Review of UWELL Caliburn KOKO Prime

The UWELL e-cig brand gained significant popularity after releasing its original Caliburn vape pod. The brand followed up the product with the Caliburn KOKO  model, which also received positive reviews. From there, UWELL released Caliburn G and Caliburn KOKO Prime. The UWELL Caliburn KOKO Prime is one of the top-selling products on koko website. The vape pod system features; the drip tip, which is made of PCTG material, a 2ml pod, and a resistant mesh coil. The product has gained much popularity in the vaping community since its release.

Review of the UWELL Caliburn KOKO Prime

Before picking this product to purchase from the KOKO  website, you would benefit from a review of its features and performance. Buying a pod system without keen attention to the details does not mean that it will not mean it will not give you the benefits you anticipate. However, when you know most things around the device, you enjoy it more. The information below should be sufficient;


The product features a sleek and compact design. However, it is thicker and wider than the original Caliburn KOKO. Its body has durable aluminum alloy. Also, the body hosts the air inlet hole and an LED indicator that lets you know the device’s battery and working condition. Furthermore, the device features magnetically-installed decorative panels on its body. You can replace the panels to alter your device’s look. Finally, the product is available in six colors.

The e-liquid tank

The vape pod can hold 2ml of e-liquid in its tank. The tank (pod) uses top-fill technology. Also, its drip tip is easy to detach for refilling. Additionally, its filler hole consists of a silicone check value element for convenience. While the fill cap prevents leakages, some complain that it is too hard to remove. However, you can remove the cap easily by pushing it front to back or sideways.


This product is relatively easy to use, primarily if you ensure that the coils are properly installed. Like most of the latest vape pod devices in the UWELL Caliburn model, this device features two airflows (mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung). The device package has a manual that gives you some insights about the device. With simple language and illustrations, you will find it easy to set up, vape, and store. Note that learning doesn’t require so much of your time. You will be surprised to learn how to use the device a few minutes after receiving the package.

Battery and charging

Its in-built battery features a 690 mAh capacity and 15W maximum wattage. The charging port for the battery is situated at the bottom of the device’s body—also, the device charges using a Type C USB, which you can insert in any direction. The vape pod’s Type C USB port offers 1.6A fast charging for convenience.


Caliburn KOKO Prime is unique because it does not have replaceable pods. Instead, it uses replaceable coils and a refillable pod. The product’s pod and coils are compatible with the Caliburn G model. Also, instead of a fire button, the device is draw-activated.