10kW solar systems: output, and return on investment

10kW solar systems: output, and return on investment

Solar panels are now installed in almost all countries. If you talk in general, more than 2 million houses in each country have now installed solar panels in order to get rid of increased energy prices. The ideal size of a solar system depends on the demand for electricity for your homes and offices. However, for homes, usually, a 5kW solar system works efficiently while a 7kW is not affordable for most people. Let’s take a look at the Output, and Return on Investment for a 10kW solar system. You can also check lifepo4-energy.com and can get all the information you need to know about solar panels.

Space and solar panels required for a 10kW solar system

Since a 5kW solar system requires 16-20 panels in order to generate 20-25kWh of electricity, a 10kW solar system is bigger as compared to a 5kW solar system. So, it needs almost 35-40 panels and the area required for this number of panels will be 60-70 m2 or a bit more depending on the location as well as the orientation of the panels.

10kW solar system can save electricity

Taking into account the fact that a bigger-sized solar system generates more power than a small-sized solar system, its cost will also be more. The average price for a 10kW solar system is almost $1.35/watt which is surely more than usual. But since the Return on Investment is also more, you will get the most out of it.

The output of a 10kW solar system

The yield of an any-sized solar system depends upon a number of factors. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The location where panels are installed
  • Orientation of the panels along with tilt angle
  • Amount of sunlight received by the panels per day
  • Operating Temperature of the solar system.

The better the implementation of these factors, the greater the generation of electricity and vice versa. All you need is to see how many appliances you are using at a time and what your required amount of electricity is. The amount of sunlight is what matters the most since it has to be converted to power, the rest of the things are secondary. For example, the orientation of panels is decided already, the use of operating temperature also depends on the panels.

Return on investment from a 10kW solar system

Self-consumption is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account before thinking about payback. This means the electricity used by your home will decide how much amount you’re going to get in return. For example, if your system generates electricity, there is no need for you to import it from the grid. Rather, if the system is producing more electricity than what is required for your household or workplace usage, you may export that to the grid. In this way, you will not only be able to save money but you can earn more money as well in return. Since a 10kW solar system is bigger, you can earn more with it if you let it work effectively in the place it is installed.